Image featuring the five global music artists for the On Top of the World video.

On Top of the World

Access to cleaner energy can help change lives. Join five international artists as they celebrate five cleaner energy projects in On Top of the World.?

On Top of the World | #makethefuture
Synergy Truck for food

Taste the new energy future

Six Bright Energy Ideas are brought to life through the power of collaboration with the Shell Synergy Truck.

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light lit up in darkness

How stories can light up lives

For people living off grid, sustainable light solutions like the GravityLight can help transform lives and inspire imaginations.

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Bright energy ideas in action

Turning gravity into light

Harnessing kinetic energy from the gravity of falling rocks, GravityLight produces a safe, renewable source of light to those with no access to electricity.

Making Santa Marta brighter

Insolar bring together volunteers, community partners and job trainees to implement solar energy. It is supported by Shell.

A new spin on efficiency

What if we could capture the wind created by passing cars with roadside turbines, and turn it into usable energy?

Akon lights up Africa

Shell and Akon unveil Africa’s first player- and solar-powered football pitch in Lagos, celebrating the potential of renewable energy.

We’re making gas cool

Cooling natural gas turns it into a liquid. This shrinks its volume, making it easier to ship and releasing less CO2.

A quest to find the future in cars

The Shell Eco-marathon pits the world’s brightest young minds in an epic engineering head-to-head to see who can build the most energy-efficient vehicles.

The man who lit the way

Deprived of electricity as a boy, Refugee Abdishakur Mohamoud returned to Somalia as a man, bringing with him a plan to take energy to the people.

A breath of fresh air

Household air pollution from cooking kills over 4 million people every year. See how a simple idea could change that.